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Welcome to Plains Cottage

Plains Cottage is a lifestyle brand that brings uniquely feminine and vintage-inspired cottage aesthetic through Melisa Kennedy's books and creative designs inspired by her presidential town of Plains, GA and her 1905 historic cottage.

Get the cookbook of enchanting recipes, Plains Cottage

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Get the feel-good story, Rescuing Plains Cottage

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I stumbled into this little town of Plains, Georgia of about 600 people for the first time in November 2020 and bought a historic home on the spot . . . three years later I have written a feel-good book, a cookbook, and my lifestyle brand design studio called Plains Cottage. 

Some say there’s a certain “vintage presidential magic” that twists its way through this place and through my designs because former First Lady Rosalynn Carter visited here often and told me to dream big.

Here's to big dreams in small places!

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