Plains Cottage is About Vintage Inspired Creations

Plains Cottage is About Vintage Inspired Creations

Inspired by her 1905 historic cottage home and vintage finds, Plains Cottage is Melisa Kennedy's romantic dream.  Designs that are rich in detail, her flattering invitations and decor are for any occasion.

Embracing whimsical and vintage DIY tea parties as the heart of it all, Plains Cottage was founded by Creative Director Melisa Kennedy in 2020 when she bought a 1905 historic home.  Kennedy first wrote a sweet romantic love story inspired by her new property called Rescuing Plains Cottage, which parallels much of the fixer upper challenges she actually faced.   

She later wrote a cookbook which the graphic designs she was creating sparked an interest in doing more with design, thus her party store. 

Kennedy's past includes an editorial travel and wedding magazine career.  And prior to that, a public school teacher, cosmetics company owner, and piano teacher.

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